Delivery Information

In a distance purchase process, situations may occur that require the exchange or return of the purchased product. For that, here are some guidelines:

1- General Conditions

All exchanges or product returns must be made within 7 (seven) consecutive days, counting from the date of receipt of the order, and the Customer Service sector must be informed of the reason for the occurrence, through the store-montesiao channel. @

When to decline a product

In the cases provided for below, the consumer must refuse to receive the goods.

Open or damaged packaging

Product with faults or manufacturing defects

Product in disagreement with the order

If the above conditions are noticed after receiving the order, please contact

Exchange or cancellation of purchase

Any product must be returned within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of delivery. During this period, if the product is defective, or if you are not satisfied with the purchase, please contact our Customer Service department and request an exchange.

Exchange resolution deadline

Loja Monte SiaoPontoCom has 30 calendar days, counting from the date of receipt of the product, to check the occurrence reported to the sector and proceed with the exchange, in case the irregularity is proven.

Refund of the amount paid

The Monte SiaoPontocom Store will reimburse the amount paid, after receiving and analyzing the returned products as directed.

Important: Any product returned to our store, without prior notification to our customer service, outside the deadlines established by law or with the lack of any item, will exempt the Monte SiaoPontoCom Store from the obligation of the exchange or return procedure.

Return by repentance / withdrawal

The Consumer Protection Code provides for the exchange or withdrawal for repentance or other reason, for purchases made at a distance, via the internet or by call centers. If, for some reason, you no longer want the product, follow the guidelines for it to be returned:

Return within seven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt;

The product must be sent to nossa loja, in its original packaging (if any), without signs of use and / or violation of the original product packaging, accompanied by the invoice and the rest of the products that included the order, if any;

* * In this case, the customer will be responsible for the return and its freight costs. * *

Defective product

If your order is delivered with a defective product, the exchange request must be communicated to, within ninety calendar days, counting from the date of receipt. The products must be returned, preferably, in the original packaging, without violation of the product and that it accompanies the invoice. All products will be analyzed. If the defect is not found or if one of the conditions described above has been breached, they will be sent back to the customer. If the defect is found, we will send you a new product or provide you with a voucher for the value of the product.

How to return a product

Please contact to proceed with the Free Post. The product can be returned at any Post Office in your city. IMPORTANT: Any product returned to the Monte SiaoPontoCom Store, without prior communication to our customer service, outside the deadlines established by law or with the lack of any item, will exempt it from the obligation of exchange or return.

Product other than purchased or damaged

If the product delivered is different from the one purchased at the end of the purchase or is damaged, please inform our store by e-mail

Refunds - Canceled orders

If you requested the cancellation of your order through our channel, below are the options for returning the amount paid:

1 - Gift certificate

You will be able to choose the voucher for the same amount paid for the order. After the voucher is released, our store will send you an e-mail with the voucher code to be used for a subsequent purchase in our online store.

The voucher is identified by its CPF.

Only you can use it in our Virtual Store through your registration made in the Monte SiaoPontoCom Store and cannot be used by third parties.

The VALE COMPRAS code is a sequence of letters / numbers that will be sent by email for the customer to use at checkout as a form of payment.

If the voucher is less than the value of the order placed, supplement the payment using the Credit Card or Boleto Bancário options.

If the voucher is greater than the value of your order, you can use the difference in another purchase.

If the purchase is paid in full with the voucher, payment confirmation is immediate;

In case of cancellation of the voucher, the refund of the amount will be made

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